• $456.00

Handmade in the U.S.A.

Knowing that drivers will want more control on track days, the designers of the 86/BRZ platform created the Pedal Dance (PD) to completely bypass the system and truly disable Traction Control / Vehicle Stability Control. The Pedal Dance is an 8 step process that must be done each time engine is started and can be tedious especially on race day when drivers are cycling in and out of grid.

With the Beastronix/ARE 86 Australian Spec 86Nanny V2, you can perform the Pedal Dance for your Australian BRZ/86 with the push of a button. Using the vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port, the 86Nanny has a custom designed pass-thru harness allowing you to retain OBDII access for other devices. Its a simple, clean, approach that allows you to take advantage of your vehicle’s potential.

The 86Nanny is a simple plug-n-play and can be installed in minutes. The unit plugs into the OBDII port under that dash but drivers can customize the unit and button location.

ARE 86 in association with Beastronix have designed two Nanny PD units to suit Australian conditions, the Street version and the Motorsport version.

Features of the Australian Spec Street Nanny PD V2 includes:
- Control the pedal dance with a single switch - switch controls: OFF, PD and PD+ABS.
- Zero wiring, plug-n-play install
- Exclusive Beastronix designed pass-thru OBDII harness
- UL 94 V-0 flammable proof enclosure
- Plastic utility case with flanged lid for mounting (total size = 4.4in x 2.5in x 1.1in)
- Custom designed OBDII with pass-through port; retain OBDII access for other devices
- Dedicated Fan Lock switch. When on the fans (both) lock to max power. This can be done on track or even with the engine off (key ON) for paddock or pit cooling.
- Utilizes the dash for easier mode indication along with the wireless buzzer on the outside of the car.
- New extremely high end self locking connectors.
- Over 90% more efficient data transmission vs the first 86Nanny.
- Automatic TPMS disable in a performance driving state.

The Australian Motorsport Nanny PD V2 includes all of the above + Permanent TPMS disable, Driver side belt chime disable, Passenger side belt chime disable, Driver side airbag indicator disable, passenger side airbag indicator disable.